Carrie James, (Ts’ Taat)

Carrie James, (Ts’ Taat)

Carrie is a Haida & Tlingit Indian and her Haida name is Ts’ Taat which translates to Raven, Double-fin Killerwhale from the Brown Bear House.

Carrie grew up living a traditional way of life and passing on knowledge of their traditional foods and way of life to her children and other community members.

Carrie is the former Vice President and Tribal Council member for the Ketchikan Indian community in South East Alaska.  She is an Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp #14 member and a Tlingit & Haida Ketchikan Delegate.

Carrie is a strong advocate for traditional rights and for protecting fish, the streams, and the environment. She knows that without clean water,  the traditional way of living and livelihoods are at great risk.

“Protecting Culture, Community, and our Tribal Way of Life in Southeast Alaska/British Columbia Transboundary Region.”